Yacht Hotel has arrangements with the municipality of Taormina to dispose of separated garbage which has been produced during your stay in Taormina. Our dedicated RIB will collect and transport your garbage to the municipality drop-off depot in Taormina. There are no skips ashore so please do not take your garbage ashore yourselves as you will not find where to dispose of your garbage and risk being subjected to a fine by the local authorities. Garbage can only be collected and transported in strong transparent garbage bags which we can supply you with if necessary. Kindly do not overfill bags as they are hand carried and it is unfair on the person providing the service if they are too heavy.

Garbage should be separated as follows:

  • Plastic (including rinsed drinks bottles and food containers)
  • Glass (including rinsed drinks bottles and food jars)
  • Metal (including rinsed cans and tins)
  • Paper & cardboard (clean and preferably flattened)
  • Organic waste (from food preparation and leftovers)
  • General waste (non-recyclables)

Yacht Hotel staff may refuse to accept your garbage if recyclable waste is not separated and packed as instructed. For further details, please contact George Rizzo on tel. +39 335 8224656 or email the concierge at