LATITUDE 37°50.700’N • LONGITUDE 015°17.600’E

Yacht Hotel – Taormina Moorings operate from June to September in a designated private area located on the southside of Capo Taormina. The moorings are protected from W, NW, N and NE winds as well as strong currents and swell which are generated in the straits of Messina. During this period, a floating concierge operates 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and offers services which you would normally expect from a luxury hotel ashore.

The 35.000 square meter mooring field includes 30 moorings as well as a protected swimming and snorkeling area. Each mooring buoy is attached to single concrete blocks using 3-strand HT Polyester rope manufactured in Italy to the highest specifications. Moorings are rubber polyform fender buoys with a heavy-duty metal swivel rod and ring. A protective sock covers the metal ring in order to protect the yacht’s hull from scratching and gelcoat damage. The ground tackle consists of 20 concrete blocks sea-friendly weighing 5.000 kg each, to which 26mm rope is attached and 10 concrete blocks weighing 10.000 kg each, to which 34mm rope is attached. 10 heavy weight swing moorings are certified for yachts up to 50m.

The mooring field does not provide seasonal moorings and only caters for transit yachts preferring to moor within a fully serviced private and protected area as opposed to anchoring further offshore. All yachts above 24m should have a qualified crew member on board at all times. Larger fully crewed yachts should keep a 24h watch in line with good practice for yachts at anchor. The mooring field is not protected from easterly, south-easterly and southerly storms and it is the yacht captain’s responsibility to seek safe shelter. Mooring assistance is available on a 24h basis and the duty officer should be contacted in advance of your arrival (and departure) in order to assist with setting your mooring lines and lifting or dropping of the protective sock on the buoy’s metal ring.

On arrival, two mooring lines should be provided and each mooring line should be tied off to a cleat on either side of the yacht’s bow. We will assist with passing your mooring lines through the ring on the buoy and hand each line back to you in order to make fast to the same cleat. All lines should be passed through the most forward fairleads in a way that each line is independent of the other. For yachts up to 30m and depending on the sea conditions and availability, we are able to offer a stern-to mooring. In which case, you should prepare a long stern line which we will tie off and bring back to you for fastening to your stern cleat.

During your stay, we will collect your daily garbage. This should be separated and packed in transparent bags which we will provide you with, if you require.

Garbage should be separated as follows:

  • plastic (including rinsed drinks bottles and food containers)
  • glass (including rinsed drinks bottles and food jars)
  • metal (including rinsed cans and tins)
  • paper & cardboard (clean and preferably flattened)
  • organic waste (from food preparation and leftovers)
  • general waste (non-recyclables)

Please do not empty your holding tanks at the moorings and kindly respect the maritime environmental regulations. Furthermore, we would kindly ask you to observe the following safety regulations:

  • only swim within 10m of your yacht or freely within the designated swimming area
  • do not exceed 3 knots when transiting the mooring field
  • take the shortest route out of the mooring field when using tenders and jet skis
  • use an anchor light after sunset

At an additional cost, a Yacht Hotel RIB service is available to accompany guests ashore. On arrival, you will be handed a registration card which you are kindly asked to complete.