Yacht Hotel can assist you with the provisioning of food and beverages.

A member of the YH team will accompany your crew to local suppliers utilising a company vehicle.

Assistance will be provided in transporting provisions back to your yacht.

For large quantity provisioning or particular Sicilian and International excellencies, Yacht Hotel has a strategic partnership with SEACILY SUPPLIES who are able to process and deliver your order.

Please let us have your list of provisions in advance by email sent to giorgia@yachthotel.it

Yacht Hotel has also arrangements with wine & spirit merchants in Riposto and we are therefore able to supply a large variety of wines and spirits.

You can place your enquiry by email prior to your arrival and we will arrange for you to receive an offer from our suppliers together with confirmation of on board delivery on your arrival.

Alternatively, for products which are available off the shelf, delivery to our dock in Taormina can be guaranteed on the same day or the morning after placing your order.

Yacht Hotel does provide a daily morning menu service which includes fresh bread, croissants, milk and any other breakfast items you may need.

Your morning menu order will be delivered on board by 08:45 a.m. each morning provided you hand in a duly completed request form by the previous evening.

A service charge equivalent to 50% of the cost will be applied with a minimum of €5 and a maximum of €20.

As a follow-up to our successful morning menu, Yacht Hotel has introduced a brunch menu which includes sliced pizza, Sicilian arancini, oven-baked pasta, oven-baked chicken thighs as well as beef and swordfish rolls. As selection of freshly sliced meats and cheeses is also included.

Your brunch menu order will be delivered on board together with your morning menu if you order is placed the evening before by 19:30. Alternatively, there will be a second delivery between 11:00 and 11:30 for same day orders placed before 10.00 am.

A service charge equivalent to 50% of the cost will be applied with a minimum of €15 and a maximum of €30.

We can also provide onboard delivery of dinner restaurant meals including pizza and sushi.

The cost of organising your order, collecting from Porticciolo Saja and delivering to your boat is €35.

Please contact Giorgia on +39 329 7229582 for further details and menus.