Yacht Care Management

Yacht Hotel offers a range of yacht maintenance services to keep your vessel pristine and cared for

YH offers boat owners who do not live locally or who are not able to be with their yacht throughout the year, a boat guardianage and yacht maintenance service, at reasonable rates. A boat left unattended can result in small problems becoming big and costly issues. Investing in the ongoing upkeep of your vessel will likely save you financially in the long term. Caring for your boat on a regular and ongoing basis is key to keep your vessel in first class condition and ready for use. At YH our program of inspection, care and preventative maintenance assists to maintain your boats appearance, value, and level of condition. We offer tailored services; carrying out periodical checks, cleaning exterior and interior, repairs, arranging supplies and provisions and other boat management related activities, ensuring your boat is cared for and avoiding potential problems.

You can follow YH services provided to your boat via monthly reports outlining checks carried out, new discoveries, observations, next steps and photos.

Winter in Porto del Etna, Sicily

During the winter boats need to be washed down and various checks must be carried out. Systems including batteries, electrics and other operational equipment need to be operated and turned on periodically. If a boat is left to do nothing throughout the winter, numerous problems will arise, these may cause extra and avoidable costs on starting the new summer season.

Clean and valet your boat

We can do regular cleaning of the exterior and interior of your boat (even once off) so that on arrival you can relax and enjoy your vessel.

Shipyard and preventative maintenance

YH use a pool of skilled trades people and suppliers and source and import parts from both overseas and locally. We are flexible and can work to your job list; raising any issues, clarifying requirements, project managing repairs and ship yard periods. YH will let you know of works required on the yacht or boat in advance, inform you of associated costs and with your agreement then move forward to resolving the identified problems.

Yacht Hotel guardianage  – maintains your boats appearance, value, and level of condition.

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